University Library Tour *TIP

The Central library of the KU Leuven, also known as the C-Bib among the student population, is a building with tons of character.

The incredible story of this war memorial fascinates more than ever since cultural heritage over the world has been strongly under fire. During a one and a half hour visit in and around this stately witness of war and reconstruction, Leuven Leisure's guide will tell you everything and in detail about it's story, then and now.

A visit worth more than anything else, to really understand the story of this city and university.

customized, every day and time possible - best in weekends, weekdays access is more limited. Leuven Leisure will check availability with the university
19 euro p.p. (1h30) or 23 euro p.p. (2h) with a drink at the end in a nice cafe at the library square included
incl. guide, library access ticket, visit of the great reading hall and carillon tower
starts at the office of Leuven Leisure (Tiensestraat 5, 50m from the Grote Markt)
request via