Pub Tasting Tour **CLASSIC

i.c.w. Beer Hop

Leuven is "the place to be(er)", and you can discover this yourself on our beer tasting walk. In each of the best beer bars taste a different local beer and learn what makes each beer so special. Have your taste buds at the ready!

customized, every day and time possible - best not on a Sunday or Monday for many bars closed
40 euro p.p. (2h30) or 45 euro p.p. (3h) with extra full beer (6th kind) included at the end
incl. guide-beer specialist and 5 beers
starts from the Leuven Leisure office/local beers shop, Tiensestraat 5 (50m from Grand Place)
request via

this tour als runs every Friday night from 7:30 tot 10pm