Jogging Tour - active exploring!

You are - at least a bit - sporty and you want to discover the city in another, active way? Then our jogging tour is definitely for you! Our guide jogs you through the historic center, past its known monuments and its hidden alleyways, through more secret and lesser known places and corners. Occasionally, we stop for a short word of touristic explanations.

During this activity, you will get to know the unique and surprising versatility of this town!

customized, every day and time possible
for sporty explorers. However, the guide is happy to adjust to the level and the desired pace of the group
16 euro p.p. (2h) or 20 euro p.p. (2h30) with a drink halfway through or at the end in a nice cafe
incl. guide
starts at the office of Leuven Leisure (Tiensestraat 5, 50m from the Grote Markt) or wherever it suits you best, ask for it
request via