Behold, Betrayal! - Whodunit game walk **CLASSIC

~ this year, 2021, available again from the second week of November ~

Journalist and photographer Louise Haelterman dies and donates her photo albums to her cousin Dries. In one of the albums, Dries by chance finds some remarkable photos and a weird cryptic text... well hidden or intented for him to find? Suspicion arises the pictures have something to do with the murder of a few members of a local resistance group in the Second World War. Who betrayed them? The unresolved case is reopened...

Throughout the walk you will meet with potential suspects and with locations that have something to do with the facts. As you get all the pieces of the puzzle, can you find out really who is the betrayer?

customized, every day and time possible
ideal team building, playfully competitive
22 euro p.p. (2h30) or 26 euro p.p. (3h) with two drinks included at the end
incl. guide, game material, visit of St. Peter's church (accessible until 4pm, closed Wednesdays) and a drink at the end (the mystery is finally deciphered at a café)
starts from the city hall on Grote Markt, side of the police station
request through