Beer and Food Pairing Tour *TIP

i.c.w. Beer Hop

So this town is "the place to be(er)", discover it in full on this culinary beer and food pairing walk! Our beer specialist takes you to some of the best beer bars in town, we taste local and regional beers, and every beer gets a pair with a bite from a local specialty shop. You are about to see beer and food is the combination of culinary excellence.

customized, every day and time possible - best not on a Sunday or Monday for many bars closed
45 euro p.p. (2h30) or 50 euro p.p. (3h) with extra full beer (6th kind) included at the end
incl. guide-beer specialist and 5 beers with 5 matching bites (can be fish, meat, cheese, vegetable, pastry or chocolate)
the bites do not replace a meal. This activity is ideal to do as an aperitive before having dinner
starts from the Leuven Leisure office/local beers shop
request through