Customized Leuven Walk

Choose from one of our successful themed walks or city games - for all possibilities click at the top of the menu on 'Walks' - or challenge us with your request for a customized walk. You can also personalize your tour anyway by expanding it with various fun extras and options; these can be found in the menu under 'Groups'.

We are happy to create the ideal trip for your group. Everything is possible and everything is allowed. Quality, experience and fun always come first!

Below we provide some more information about the options and possibilities for different groups:


Persons with disabilities

Leuven Walks are accessible for wheelchair users or persons with a physical disability. Contact us for a tour tailored to your group: we are happy to adjust the route based on your advice! We are experienced in guiding participants with a physical or mental disability. We often complete the experience by focusing on surprising sensory experiences along the route.


Our standard programs are ideal as a relaxing activity during your incentive or after a meeting. Under 'Game & Team building' you will find suitable slightly more active activities. It may be slightly different for your group? We are happy to work out a program tailored to your timetable, wishes and budget. With great pleasure, our team uses its many years of experience in working out city games, guided tours, walking dinners, quizzes, lectures and surprising activities to provide the perfect experience for your group.


Families with older children (14+) can follow our standard tours well. For families with smaller children, we like to take the ages of the children into account so that everyone can optimally enjoy a nice walk with well-understood explanations that also connect with the empathy of the more little ones. That is precisely why it is important to inform us in advance of the ages of younger participants.


Are you a teacher and looking for a valuable supplement for your annual plan? You can come to us for a tailor-made guided walk: subject-specific or cross-sectional, theme-based or more general. Let us know which tour or idea you have in mind and we can work from there!

Groups of friends and associations

You want to get to know Leuven better in an original way, you are looking for a culinary trip, you have a passion for beer, for history? Do you want a first introduction to the city or a deepening of your knowledge about Leuven? It is all possible!